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About Me and FeelGoodColors

Discover the world of colors and embrace your unique palette with FeelGoodColors—an online hub for Digital Color Passes and insightful courses on color types and analysis.

In the realm of digital color consultation, I specialize in highlighting your distinct characteristics. Rooted in holistic principles, my services acknowledge the interconnectedness of color, identity, and self-expression. Unveil the language of colors and let FeelGoodColors be your guide to a vibrant, personalized experience.

My journey with color types began years ago, and since early 2018, I’ve been immersing myself intensively in this field. By the end of 2020, I successfully launched online color type analyses, and in 2023, I introduced an exclusive online course that empowers you to determine your color type step by step.

On a personal note, I cherish nature and my garden, love reading, and consistently strive to minimize plastic and waste wherever possible.

Natural cosmetics

While I have a deep-rooted passion for nature-inspired skincare, it’s essential to note that my expertise at FeelGoodColors extends primarily to digital color consultation and online courses. If you’re interested in exploring nature-based skincare further, I invite you to visit my website (offer in German, please translate with your browser).

Digital Color Passes and Online Courses

Dive into the world of color with me at FeelGoodColors. Whether you’re seeking a Digital Color Pass for personalized color insights or enrolling in my specialized online courses, I’m here to guide you. Connect with me via WhatsApp, phone, or book a comprehensive consultation using state-of-the-art tools. Together, let’s unveil the vibrant you!