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Discover your seasonal colors

Do you want to determine your color type yourself? Then you’re in the right place with me! With the help of my online course you can easily determine your color type yourself!

Always something to wear

If you know your seasonal color type, you’ll only have clothes in your closet that look good on you and that combine well with each other.

No more bad purchases

If you know what suits you, you can shop in a much more targeted way. Say goodbye to wardrobe relics.

Be the best version of yourself

Your colors make you shine and present you at your best

The Autumn Types

Learn more about the Autumn Types here:

Color Palettes

Your digital color palette is your perfect shopping companion! Simply place your cell phone on a garment of your choice and check if the colors harmonize. Maybe you are thinking now that it is definitely not that easy. Don’t worry! With time you get a very good eye for which colors fit and which do not.

The Spring Types

Learn more about the Spring Types here:

What my customers say


“Great help!
I particularly liked your course, which goes beyond color type determination and also makes clear the backgrounds in which the colors and types differ. That was a great help for me! I can now cope very well with the results and your large color passport.”


…What can I say? I am incredibly enthusiastic. I had an incredible amount of fun completing the course.
The content is very clear and easy to understand…


“…Dear Melanie, thank you very much for your great and detailed color consultation. I’ve already been to a “live” color consultation and I have to say that I feel much better advised and appraised by you.”

The Summer Types

Learn more about the summer types here:

Online Course DIY Seasonal Color Analysis

Descover your color type yourself with the help of my online course! This is the best way to get to know your attributes and become your own shopping guide!

Atypical Types

Besides the 12 color types of the 12-season system, there are also some intermediate types and atypical types. Do you have great difficulty determining your seasonal color type, you may be one of them. My online course will help you!