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Clear Winter

Clear Winter Accent Colors

Clear Winter

    You are a Clear Winter type if there are very high contrasts between your eyes, hair, and skin, and your colors are very clear. When you look in the mirror, the first thing you notice are your high contrasts and… Read More »Clear Winter

    atypical color types in seasonal color analysis

    Atypical Color Types

      For people who exhibit typical characteristics, it’s often quite easy to determine their color type. Those who are very unsure or have great difficulty determining their color type themselves turn to me for color type advice. This means I analyze… Read More »Atypical Color Types

      Capsule Wardrobe for Seasonal Color Analysis

      Capsule Wardrobe

        Or Minimalisch Wardrobe Sustainability and responsible consumption are the main reasons for a more conscious approach to clothing and shopping. Reducing your wardrobe to a minimum is the best way to achieve sustainable clothing. You save money because you need… Read More »Capsule Wardrobe