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Light Spring

    You’re a Light Spring type if your hair, skin, and eyes are very light, and your overall impression is warm. When you look in the mirror, your light colors are the first thing you notice. If you’re unsure whether you’re a Light Spring, feel free to book my Online Course for your DIY Seasonal Color Analysis.
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    Light Spring is the lightest type of the clear and warm Spring palette. Its main characteristic is “light,” with secondary characteristics being “warm” and “clear.”

    Sometimes determining your color type isn’t straightforward because you may not possess all the “typical characteristics.” That’s perfectly normal. If you are having problems, try my online course “DIY Seasonal Color Analysis“.

    Characteristics of the Light Spring:

    If you need help determining your characteristics, click here.

    Light Spring is a spring type leaning slightly towards summer. Its most important criterion is brightness. Neutral tones may occur, but overall, you have a warm undertone.

    Skin: Ivory with warm peach or rosy undertones

    Hair: Light to medium golden blonde or golden brown, perhaps light, warm red-blonde with golden highlights

    Eyes: Blue, green, light hazel eyes, or very light brown

    The Colors of the Light Spring

    Light Spring Accent Colors
    Light Spring Neutral Colors

    Colors to avoid for Light Spring:

    This type should avoid colors that are dark and cool simultaneously. Light Springs will never borrow colors from the Winter palettes, even though they are clear. They would overpower this light, delicate color type and always be in the foreground. Also, the cool and muted colors of Cool and Soft Summer usually don’t work. They are too muted and dark for the Light Spring type, just like the colors of Deep and Soft Autumn palettes.

    Unfortunately, black doesn’t flatter you either. Instead, choose darker brown or green-gray. While white works due to your clarity, a warm off-white instead of pure white suits you much better because it’s warmer.

    Color types from which Clear Springs might borrow:

    Light Springs can borrow from Warm and Clear Spring, as long as the colors are light enough. A few colors from the palette of the sister type Light Summer can also work, as long as they are more neutral. Usually, these are the pure blue tones, but you can also try the light pink tones. The very light colors of the Warm Autumn palette can also work as long as they are not too muted.

    Warm Spring Accent Colors
    Clear Spring Accent Colors
    Light Summer Accent Colors
    Warm Autumn Accent Colors

    After this wealth of information, you’re probably wondering how you can put it all into practice. Read on here about make-up and clothing for Light Spring!

    Light Spring Make up

    The optimal Light Spring makeup is fresh but subtle to match the delicate overall impression of the color type. Avoid black eyeliner and kohl, as they could appear too harsh and “painted on” quickly. Glitter tends to look unflattering and stands out unnaturally.

    *In this post, you’ll also find product suggestions that suit your color type. Please note that there can be no guarantee that all the suggested products will universally flatter you. Often, certain features may be a little “atypical” โ€“ for example, you may be clearer or lighter than average. So, choose your favorite products from my suggestions, taking your uniqueness into account. If you’re unsure, it’s better to order sample sizes first or take my online course to find out if you’re atypical.

    Light Spring Make up Colors

    Foundation & Concealer

    Choose foundation and concealer according to your skin tone. Light Summer types usually have an ivory or warm porcelain skin tone with peach undertones.

    The consistency of foundation and concealer should not be too creamy and heavy. This would be too noticeable for the delicate overall impression of the Light Spring.

    Finishing Powder

    You don’t have to compromise on a flawless and long-lasting finish for your makeup. There are colorless finishing powders that match your appearance wonderfully.

    Bronzer, Contouring & Highlighter

    The darker earthy contouring shades are too dark for your light skin. Also, be cautious with bronzer. If you don’t want to do without it, use a very light peach tone with yellow undertones or very light gold. For darker skin, you can try a medium gold. Contouring, as mentioned, is unfortunately not for you. Use shimmering highlighters sparingly.

    Product Recommendations for Light Spring Makeup Base*

    *To keep the number of products manageable, I recommend only selected brands that I particularly like. If you prefer other brands, you can surely find corresponding colors with a little research. When you click on the link, you will be directed to my Pinterest board where I have listed the products for you. On the computer, you can hover over your desired product with the mouse and click on the link that appears. On your mobile device or in the app, first click on your desired product, and after it opens, click on “Visit”. This will open the corresponding shop in a new window. If you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission as a thank you for the recommendation. You won’t incur any extra costs, and I can maintain my free offering on color types.


    Use light but well-pigmented eyeshadows that complement your delicate and light appearance. Very clear, saturated colors can make you look like a clown, while dark colors can make you look pale and sickly. For accents, you can use the colors from the Light Spring color swatch; use the colors from the Neutral Colors for Light Spring color swatch as base colors. Further suggestions can be found on the Makeup Card for Light Spring. If you use different eyeshadow colors, blend them well together so that there are no harsh lines.


    Strictly speaking, I should recommend not using black mascara, as it highlights the lashes very strongly. However, this is usually the purpose of mascara. So feel free to use black if you feel comfortable with it. However, I would advise against black for very long, dense lashes that would look overloaded with black mascara. In that case, opt for a dark gray or coffee brown.

    Eyeliner & Kohl

    For eyeliner or kohl pencil, choose a color that is not much darker than the color of your eyeshadow. This way, you avoid harsh lines. With a special eyeliner brush, you can also use your eyeshadows as eyeliners and blend too harsh lines.

    Product Recommendations for Light Spring Eye Makeup*


    Prefer slightly shimmering colors in peach and coral tones for your blush and blend well for a natural look. Avoid blue undertones and don’t use too much, or you might look overdone.


    Gloss is often a better choice than lipstick because it’s not as heavy and blends better into your ethereal overall appearance. Many colors are suitable, such as light, warm salmon, apricot, peach, and coral, depending on your skin undertone. Unfortunately, the cosmetics industry doesn’t offer light, warm lipstick colors very often. Perhaps you’ll find something in my suggestions.

    Product Recommendations for Light Spring Cheeks and Lips*

    Daytime Makeup

    The “Natural Makeup Look” works best for your daytime makeup. It consists of minimal eye makeup and lipstick similar to your natural lip color.

    Evening Makeup

    A bit of shine and shimmer are perfect for a more dramatic look. Although the makeup should be subtle overall, it doesn’t mean it can’t be colorful. You have many colorful eyeshadow options, for example. Use one of them to slightly intensify your evening eye makeup and use a matching, more intense lipstick or gloss.

    You can learn how to put together clothing, accessories, and jewelry suitable for your color type below.

    Light Spring Clothing and Accessories

    The main characteristics of the Light Spring type are its light, warm overall impression and the rather low color contrasts. Color selection and combination of Light Spring clothing and accessories should reflect and complement these main characteristics to make the Light Spring type look lively.

    Although you can theoretically combine all the colors of your color palette, it works best with light color combinations that don’t contrast too much with each other.

    Monochrome color combinations are highly recommended. Monochrome colors are colors of the same hue in different shades, also known as tone-on-tone.

    Also advantageous for the Light Spring type is combining analogous colors with the same brightness. These are tones that are adjoining on the color wheel. Another harmonious option would be to combine a light color from your “Neutral Colors” with a slightly contrasting light color from your accent colors. Both you can find in your Digital Color Palette.

    Light Spring Clothing Color Combinations

    Color Combinations Light Spring Types Should Avoid

    All color combinations that have high contrasts, such as complementary colors (opposite on the color wheel), Triadic, Tetradic, or Square color systems, are not suitable. The latter consist of three or four colors evenly distributed on the color wheel.

    I have described which colors you should generally avoid as a Clear Spring further up.

    Patterns and Prints for Light Spring Clothing

    For patterns and prints on Light Spring clothing, the same applies as for color combinations. It’s best to use light, soft patterns that consist exclusively of Light Spring colors. If only a very small part of the pattern consists of a color from a disharmonious color palette, the pattern will surely flatter you as well. Also, make sure that patterns consisting exclusively of Light Spring colors do not have too high contrasts, such as between pink and turquoise tones.

    Soft patterns are gentle and delicate patterns that look like they were hand-painted or painted with watercolors, for example. Floral prints and natural elements that are small, dense, and loosely arranged are excellent. Dots and loose dashes are also good. Other geometric, regular, and large patterns with high contrasts and harsh lines should be avoided.

    You can find examples of patterns and prints in your Digital Color Palette.

    Appropriate Clothing for the Light Spring Type

    You’re best off choosing appropriate clothing with the help of a color palette. You always have your Digital Color Palette with you. Simply place it on the garment you’ve chosen and see if the colors harmonize. At first, this may be a bit difficult for you, but over time, you’ll develop a good eye for which colors match and which don’t.

    For color combinations and matching patterns, my Digital Color Palette also help you further. If you want regular suggestions for clothing that suits your color type, feel free to follow me on Instagram.

    Jewelry for the Light Spring Type

    Light Spring types usually have many neutral undertones, so both silver and gold jewelry can suit you.

    Whether you opt for silver or gold jewelry, it should always be very light. If you choose pearls, make sure they are not too white. Mother-of-pearl, opal, and coral also go very well with you.

    If you want to set up your wardrobe sustainably and always find something to wear, my article on the capsule wardrobe or minimalist wardrobe will help you.